Bumper Repairs:

For the accurate selection of the right parts for your pool table, it is crucial to know the specific type of bumper installed. Here are the options available:

K66: This is the standard rail used in most pool tables.
K55: Typically found in coin-operated pool tables.
U23: Although less common, it is the third most popular option.

By identifying the type of bumper installed on your table, we can ensure the proper selection of parts for any repairs or replacements needed. 


Slate Repairs:

For accurate replacement, precise measurements of the slate are crucial. Measure each screw hole from the edge of the slate. To help us assess the situation accurately, providing a picture of the table, the base, and the other two slates (if they are not broken) would be highly beneficial.

Pocket Repairs:

A picture of the pocket is sufficient for us to determine the type of pocket that would work as a replacement. However, if the table is an antique, some measurements may be required to ensure the right fit.

In order to facilitate the necessary repairs effectively, knowing the make and model of the table for all repairs needed would greatly assist us in finding the appropriate parts and solutions. This information will enable us to provide you with the best service and ensure that your pool table is restored to its optimal condition. Feel free to share any relevant details and images so that we can assist you better.

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