Type of Fabric

The felt covering on a pool table plays a critical role in both gameplay performance and visual aesthetics.

For casual or moderate use, the 303 grade felt is a cost-effective and satisfactory choice, striking a balance between durability and playability.

Those seeking a more competitive and high-performance experience may opt for the 505 grade felt or the tournament grade, which offers improved durability and playing characteristics.

In addition to the standard options, we also offer custom-designed felt as an alternative to online choices. This allows you to personalize your pool table with your preferred logo or favorite sports team brand, creating a truly unique and customized playing experience. Includes a 1 year warranty


The Re-Covering Process

In Green Bay, we take immense pride in our movers, who exhibit exceptional care and attention to detail during the felting process of your pool table.

When replacing the felt on the slate, we utilize spray adhesive, ensuring a secure bond and delivering a cleaner and neater alternative to stapling. This approach minimizes any potential mess and guarantees a professional outcome.

To achieve a seamless and polished appearance, we meticulously cover the pockets by enveloping the slate with strips of felt. This meticulous attention to detail results in a cohesive and refined look.

As part of the re-felting service, rail felt is also included.


Re-felt Quoting

Felt Grade:
– We offer various felt grade options, including 303 grade, 505 grade, Tournament grade, and others.

Size of Pool Table:
– The cost of the felt increases with the size of the pool table.

Pool Table Location:
– The lowest rates are quoted for areas within a 30-minute radius of Green Bay.

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