Moving and Set Up

Tear Down and moving

In Green Bay, our team is dedicated to delivering outstanding care throughout the disassembly and moving of your pool table. Our top priority is ensuring the safety and protection of your table, and to achieve this, we employ specialized equipment, including a custom-made dolly specifically designed for transporting tables with 150-pound slates.

During the disassembly process, we exercise great caution to avoid tearing any strips and meticulously remove all staples, leaving no trace behind.

With our thorough preparation and unwavering attention to detail, your pool table is now fully ready to be safely relocated to its new address. 



Our installers will take care of the precise positioning of your pool table in the designated room. If you desire, we can use a stud finder to identify the optimal location on the ceiling for a bar light.

To achieve a perfectly level playing surface between the slates, we use beeswax to fill in any small gaps between the slates of the pool table.

We level the slate with machinist levels to ensure precise and accurate results. This meticulous approach guarantees that your pool table is perfectly leveled.

For pool tables set up on carpeting, periodic re-leveling may be necessary as the carpet settles. Our guarantee includes free re-leveling if needed, ensuring your table remains perfectly leveled over time.

Re-felting the table not only enhances its appearance but also eliminates any odors or marks from previous owners. We offer a wide range of felt options, allowing you to select the one that best complements your preferences and style.

1 Piece Slates

Moving pool tables with a single slate poses unique challenges that demand specialized techniques. With a minimum weight of 600 pounds for the slate alone, it becomes necessary to involve 2-3 people to ensure safe transportation during the moving process.

Pool tables with 1 slate often lead many companies to avoid such moves. However, we are well-equipped to handle these situations based on the specific circumstances. Such scenarios demand careful planning and expertise to ensure a successful and secure relocation. 


Leveling Tools

Achieving precise pool table leveling is crucial for optimal gameplay, and a carpenter’s levels does not provide the required accuracy. Even slight variations can significantly affect the movement of the balls during gameplay, making specialized tools essential.

At our company, we place a strong emphasis on accuracy and utilize a machinist level specifically designed for precise measurements. This tool offers a level of precision that is 10 times greater than a regular carpenter’s level, ensuring that we achieve near-professional play quality for the pool tables we install.

It’s important for customers to be aware that most movers in Green Bay and Wisconsin do not use machinist levels. When choosing a moving company, it is advisable to inquire about the types of tools they use for pool table leveling.

Unfortunately, some movers may take advantage of customers’ lack of knowledge by using less precise tools, potentially compromising the quality of the installation.


Move Quotes

Number of slates on the table:
Tables with a single slate are quoted higher due to their immense weight.

The city where the table is located:
The Green Bay area and surrounding regions within a one-hour radius are quoted at the least.

Stairs or tight corners at the location:
A full flight of stairs does not increase the quoted price for 3-slate tables.

The grade of felt on the table (if being re-felted):
Various felt options are available, including 303, 505, Tournament, and others.


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